Oden til Kloden

Music and sound work for multi canvas/multi speaker installation


'Oden til Kloden' is a video and sound installation created by the artist collective KAI OKE.

A journey through an immersive multi canvas/multi speaker experience where primitive shapes and sounds meld to form a strange symphony. KAI OKE enters the installation and plays a koncert accompanied by glowing animations.

KAI OKE creates spatial installation pieces using animation and sound.

The OTK composition is a 46.52 minutes loop for 6 mono speakers, 2 sets of stereo speakers and 2 subs. The music is produced specifically for a spatial multi speaker experience, and the direction of the sounds and distance between the speakers, makes it possible to work with a lot of sound elements at the same time. All the sound sources work as a whole, but when you walk through the installation, you will experience that each sound has its own vibrant life.
This makes the experience of the installation forever changeable as the experience of the soundtrack depends on where you are placed in the room.

Excibited at:
Fængslet, Horsens

18.07.17-20.08.17 Ny Malt, Ebeltoft

24.08.17-25.08.17 Kulturmødet, Mors
25.09.17-01.10.17 Expanded Animation #1, Carte Blanche Værkstedsscenen, Viborg