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Lolupupi Kutiku by Sofie Birch

19.12 min, 2022

32 channels mixed by Sofie Birch & Alfred Bundgaard

ATMOS for 7.1 channels mixed by Sofie Birch & Phil Rochefort

Description of work

'Lolupupi Kutiku' is a land of invisible forests of crackling plants, humid melodies and cooing flowers that lull you into a silky, mysterious trance. 'Lolupupi Kutiku' asks you to ask yourself: What is inside you if you really listen? Can you visit nature, from right here where you are, just by closing your eyes and listening to the puzzle of your organs, the wind of your breathing and the rushing waves of your blood? Can you abolish the boundaries between nature, the city and the body and rediscover yourself in a greater whole?


The work intertwines nature recordings, synth and sound therapy instruments distributed over 32 loudspeakers and is an experiment in creating a contemplative public space that embalms the busy spirit and incites work strikes and meditation orders. Namaste.

Sensory Cellumonials by Baum & Leahy, with music by Sofie Birch.

Experience the full project here.

Sensory Cellumonials invites you to connect with yourself on a cellular level, and through this intimate encounter explore possible futures within cellular biology and health. Five ceremonial journeys guide you into your inner cellular sensorium: Through the domes dotted with taste buds on the tongue, the swaying temples in the ear canals, the furry forests in the nose, the sensitive soft valleys in the skin and the layers of crystalline refraction through the eyeballs and beyond.

Each journey is guided by Our Living Cellular Kin (Olcks) – guardians of the five human senses and connected to the five kin-doms of life. They welcome us into their cellular habitats – across the geographies of our bodies – where genes, proteins and synaptic signaling weaves the tissue of us and the world, and reveals the vast interconnectedness of these living, cellular landscapes.

You are invited to share your voice at the closing of each ceremony in the wishing pool – a generative map of perspectives on cellular biology research inspired by the UMAPS created for the Human Cell Atlas.

Sonic Cellumonials by Baum & Leahy, with music by Sofie Birch.

More info on the website.

Experience yourself as Homomicrobis — a symbiosis of human and microbe — as you embark on a guided journey into the multispecies dimension of your body, from the comfort of your home.

More than half of the cells in your body are microbial, and nearly a tenth of the genes originate from viruses. To these trillions of bacteria, archaea, fungi, viruses and more, your body is their universe. Encounter this intimate family of odd kin and kindred strangers, and dissolve into the multitude of slippery membranes, signalling networks and molecular exchange. Sonic Cellumonials is a meditative audio-visual experience of ambient synthscapes and animations, with an optional home postal ‘cellular ceremony’ kit, inviting you to explore the healing and transformative potential of travelling through the multidimensional ecosystems of your body.

Amidst the processing of a pandemic, in a time of intensified remote, digital connection, Sonic Cellumonials explores how cross-disciplinary, artistic perspectives and transmedial storytelling can uncover new practices of being and thinking through microbial protopias.

Whisper Fold Brush by Sofie Birch and My Lambertsen/SLØR.

An artistic research of the Youtube phenomenon ASMR, performed live as a headphone concert. 

Premiered in October 2020 in Odense
Artist Talk at Det Frie Felts Festival, January 21st 2021, Teaterøen, Copenhagen

A rework of this performance was later released on Seil. Listen to it here.


Interterrestrials by Baum & Leahy, Pernille Kjær and Sofie Birch.

Interterrestrials, a multidisciplinary collaboration between artist duo Baum & Leahy, sound artist Sofie Birch and animator Pernille Kjær, combines installation, sound, animation, and microbiology to create a meditative experience that reflects on alien life on Earth. The piece is developed in collaboration with scientist Peder Worning, technical engineer Asbjørn Derdau and programmer Søren Andreasen. The project is supported by The Animation Workshop, Statens Kunstfond, KODA Kultur, and support-in-kind from The Technical University of Denmark, and the University of Copenhagen.

This piece was exhibited at the Medical Museion and the Viborg Animation Festival.

Oden til Kloden by KAI OKE (Astrid Fabrin, Pernille Kjaer, and Sofie Birch)

Oden til Kloden is a video and sound installation created by the artist collective KAI OKE.
Go on a journey through archaic darkness where primitive shapes and sounds meld to form a strange symphony.

KAI OKE is an art collective creating spatial installation pieces using animation and sound.
Oden til Kloden is a simple and intense tribute to creation and decay, darkness and light.
A static journey in space and time, where nothingness awakens the insight.


Solo exhibition with sound sculptures and vinyl release by Sofie Birch.

Doldreams - sound to shape is an installation built around 3 sound sculptures that works to translate audio into shapes and textures.


The installation is built around 3 forms of dreams:

- To fall asleep

- To remember/forget dreams

- falling into spells/dwell

Based on 3 audio passages chosen from Doldreams.

Each of the 3 interpretations is based on a sound source (headphones) that hides in a sound helmet. The sound helmets are included in each sculpture, which gives the audio a tactile dimension with different colors and materials.


The art piece is built and made with the help of Pernille Lehnart and Asbjørn Derdau.

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