Artwork for Sofie Birch and Johan Carøe album Repair Techniques on Stroom.

REPAIR TECHNIQUES by Sofie Birch and Johan Carøe.

All tracks are built on two improvised live sessions recorded on a Roland Juno-60, Moog Sub 37, Roland XP 30 by Sofie Birch and Johan Carøe in Copenhagen in 2019.
Edited and reworked to 11 tracks during a residency at Andersabo in Sweden in the summer of 2020 with new recordings of acoustic elements.


Released August 3, 2021 on Stroom

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Artwork for Sofie Birch's Whisper Fold Brush.

Whisper Fold Brush by Sofie Birch.

The music on this album was originally created for the ASMR performance piece Whisper Fold Brush in collaboration with My Lambertsen.

This album release version focuses on the music that was composed for the performance, while the ASMR sounds were moved to the background or are in some cases not present at all.

Released May 20, 2021 on Seil.

Press about Whisper Fold Brush: The Vinyl Factory.


Behind Her Name Chestnuts Fall Forever by Sofie Birch.

Released December 16, 2020 on Longform Editions.


Hidden Terraces by Sofie Birch.

In 2019, Sofie Birch embarked on a trip to Colombia, it was here where she began collecting a wide array of field recordings, from bird songs to Colombian instruments and jungle ambiance.

During her time in Colombia, Sofie continuously gathered a series of soundscapes and, with the aid of some pre-recorded synths and pads, merged these sonic recollections into one long-form piece.

Released as an audible postcard on June 12, 2020 on VAAGNER.


The album cover for Island Alchemy by Sofie Birch.

Island Alchemy by Sofie Birch.

Released on 19 November 2019 on Constellation Tatsu.

Press about Island Alchemy: Pitchfork.


Planetes by Sofie Birch.

Released May 14, 2019 on Seil.


Doldreams Sofie Birch

Doldreams by Sofie Birch.

Released September 14, 2017 on Infinite Waves.


Sketchy Commodity by Sofie Birch.

Released June 19, 2017 on Infinite Waves.