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Masterclass by Sofie Birch for Strøm Festival.

Dybvig Live Session

Video collage by Rune Svenningsen from when Sofie Birch performed a live improvisation of Dybvig in MYKA’s OCEAN scenography by Baum & Leahy and Emilie Alstrup.


Dybvig was released on the compilation VAND on Phinery in February 2021


Video: Rune Svenningsen

Ocean concept: My Grønholdt

Set design: Baum & Leahy and Emilie Alstrup

Green top style: Stina Resting

Dress and makeup: Fie von Veer

Light and love: Amanda Baum

Remote Utopias

Liveset by Sofie Birch for NTS's Remote Utopias.

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